09 March 2014

"Dear Food Thoughtz:" Tips on re-using glass milk bottles

This edition of Dear Food Thoughtz is really not very engaging.  I would recommend skipping it.  But if you think you have a more interesting submission, please forward it to food.thoughtz@gmail.com
Dear Food Thoughtz

Of course you'll remember that time we found expensive bouge-y milk in beautiful glass bottles at Buy-Low, and how I bought it, even though I had to drive 7 hours back to Alberta and didn't really need to be buying expensive milk for the road. Well, now I need your help. I cannot figure out what to do with this big bottle. You'll see that I am ingeniously using the small bottle for my maple syrup, but I am at a total loss on how to use the big one. 

Your bouge-y sister
Dear Bouge-y Sister,

Let me begin by saying that I hope you don't regret the decision to buy this milk, because these bottles are beautiful and I'm sure will useful at some point.

The second thing I want to say is that I don't think you application of the smaller jar as a vessel for maple syrup is ingenious. You didn't ask for my advice on what to do with maple syrup, but nevertheless I would propose a bottle with a narrower mouth. I really don't like how this looks. I don't think it's working. You should buy a beer that comes in a bottle large enough to accommodate an entire tin of maple syrup. You might want to look specifically for one that has one of those hinge caps--I don't know what they're called, but Grolsch uses them--otherwise you would have to buy a bottle stopper. Which, actually, reminds me that you won that great prize pack from the Liquor Store & More that had about sixteen bottle stoppers in it.

Of course, if you decide to follow my suggestion and transfer the syrup from this current bottle into a different bottle, you will have to find a use for the smaller bottle. The main problem with the small jar is that there are very few liquids that you want such a small amount of that you would also want a wide jar opening through which to pour. I think maybe we're limiting ourselves by assuming that it has to be a liquid. What if you stored some sort of spice or grain in there? But, I mean, if it's going to be too much of a hassle to find another bottle that is better suited to hold the maple syrup, then I guess just leave it as is. I personally don't like it, but it seems like you're more willing to settle for less, so to each his own.

As for the larger bottle -- is it possible to use it for seasonal beverages? Don't you make iced tea or lemonade or something? Don't you want to have 2L of sidecars prepared in case your mother comes for a visit? I would recommend just storing it in the pantry until you feel the need to make 2L worth of a beverage. There are two potential benefits to this: 1) you might feel motivated to make more lemonade or iced tea (or sidecars) knowing that it will be an excuse to use this bottle; 2) because you won't be using the bottle everyday, you might appreciate it more the few times you do use it.

Also, wasn't it Overwaitea and not Buy-Low? I thought you bought the milk the same time you bought mum that ridiculous bag of chocolate covered popcorn or whatever it was.

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