05 March 2014

A Request

I've made a few requests so far on this blog. I asked for one of these Popin' Cookin' DIY Hamburger kit for Christmas, but no one delivered. Now I am asking for this set of four Cadbury "L'il Chocolatey Scoops." I actually need this, so please, somebody: make my dreams come true.
From NearOf (whatever that is):
Much like Terry's Chocolate Orange, this is a participatory treat that requires some thought before and during consumption. Instead of a whack-and-unwrap proposition, these encourage the eater to peel off the wrapper, crack off the top of the shell, and feast on the chocolate mousse filling inside with the help of the enclosed spoon. Super concept.
Aside from the great design, they found the chocolate almost inedible and advised readers not to buy. But still. I need it.


  1. You got 15 advent calendars for Christmas, you ungrateful bitch.

    1. I asked mum to dispose of them. Unless you want them as a housewarming present.