15 October 2013

The Coconut

I wanted to write a whole post about the coconut—how much I hate shredded coconut, how gross I think it is that coconut milk/water looks exactly like milk “slash” water and how annoying it is that coconut milk is a “thing” now, how impractical coconuts are, and maybe a brief note on how I don’t know what they are (a giant seed??)—but then I remembered that I have these two pictures of me in Honduras,  and I think they perfectly sum up how I feel about coconut.
Here’s me trying the coconut.  I can’t even remember how I got my hands on this.  I guess someone just gave it to me. I definitely didn’t pay for it and I definitely didn’t break it open myself. 
...And here’s my reaction to trying the coconut.  Right?  Don’t you have such a clear idea of how I feel about coconuts now?

When you travel, you learn so much
About beauty, and relevance, and simplicity, and such
And sometimes in Honduras you learn why you hate the coconut.

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