03 October 2013

Frozen Pea Update

Dedicated Food Thoughtz readers should know that the President’s Choice petits pois in the white bag are my #1 go-to choice when it comes to frozen peas, but one of the hard lessons I’m having to learn by having a roommate is that not everyone has the same preferences you do.  It can be really hard when you love something so much (the President’s Choice petits pois) but struggle to communicate that love to others, or fail to convince them to switch brands.
This is the situation I currently find myself in.  My roommate is stuck on Green Giant frozen peas … And look, I get it.  I used to get my peas from the Green Giant, too.  I used to wonder who could possibly put out better frozen peas than the Green Giant?  You know?  How could it get any better than this?  But for the first time, I really feel like these President’s Choice petits pois are actually the President’s choice. They are so good.

Anyway, whatever.  This isn’t even what this post is supposed to be about.  What I wanted to say is that because I now live with someone committed to Green Giant frozen peas, I’ve had the opportunity to actually closely examine the packing of Green Giant frozen peas, and … well, it kind of made me uncomfortable.  The frozen peas are described as “Sweetlets: tender young peas.”  Does anyone else find that a bit sexual and inappropriate?  Like that it’s a bit sexual, but then you feel weird about thinking that it’s sexual because of the age thing? Tender and  young?  And that it’s also really weird because it’s frozen peas?

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