15 July 2014

Food Thoughtz Review: This New Oh Henry! Big Crunch Cookie Bar That I Got For Free On The Street

I got this new Oh Henry! Big Crunch Cookie Bar for free on the street on Saturday. I almost never accept free things because I am always afraid that a) it will be about Jesus or b) it won't actually be free. I've missed out on free Tide Pods and a Venus razor as a result. The two times previous to this that I thought I would just go for it and get something for free ended up a) being about Jesus and b) followed by a request for a donation. But this time I was pretty certain there were no strings attached because I had actually watched these people unload their wares from the back of a white minivan and they were wearing Oh Henry! clothing and didn't appear to be affiliate either with Jesus or children's summer camps.

So I got this free Oh Henry! Big Crunch Cookie Bar. It is already in stores if anyone is interested. Afterwards I spent some time wandering around assuming that there would be another person on another corner and that I would get another chocolate bar, but I had no such luck.

I didn't eat it right away because I had just bought two medium McDonald's iced coffees, and forgive me, but I just have to mention again how much I love McDonald's: I love it a lot. I love their summer drink specials. I can't believe their medium iced coffees are only $1! This is the season to sell iced coffees! I know that it probably costs McDonald's about 2¢ (and now that we don't have the penny anymore it's probably just 0) to make these, and even at $1 per drink they're still making a tonne off of this, but I don't know. I guess maybe people end up buying more burgers or whatever as a result, but they also have a burger special on during the summer. A McDouble is something like $1.40. It's insanity. Anyway, the point is that I had two iced coffees with me (both of them for myself), and so I immediately forgot about this Oh Henry! until three days later.

And now it's three days later and I just ate it. It looked like this:

It was totally fine. In a way I'm glad I didn't spend any money on this, but it's also something that I can see myself spending money on. I probably wouldn't buy this chocolate bar if there was something better on offer, like a Crunchie or a cheap Milka, but there have been a lot of times when I've wanted a chocolate bar, but the selection is so poor that the only thing that appeals to me is the Twix, and this new Oh Henry! is actually a lot like a combination of an old Oh Henry! and a Twix bar. 

It's actually even kind of like a Twix in that it comes in two pieces. Part of me suspects that this is Oh Henry's appeal to our health. Like that by splitting up the chocolate bar they're making it more obvious that this is not meant to be consumed all at once or perhaps we should consider sharing it with a friend or significant other. Obviously I ate both pieces at once. As you can see in the picture above, they're not as nice looking as a Twix bar.

In summation, as far as generic chocolate bars go, this one was pretty good but not the best. If you see someone handing them out for free on the street, you should definitely try to get one. Even if you just see one in a convenience store and you really want a chocolate bar, but none of them are really jumping out at you, you might want to try this one. Nothing about it will surprise you, but you probably will not be disappointed with your decision. I definitely wasn't disappointed with my decision to get this free Oh Henry! chocolate bar and then forget about it for three days and then eat it.

Also, Oh Henry! chocolate bars have something to do with O. Henry ... right?


  1. I just tried one the other day too. I surprisingly hadn't run into them before that fateful & hungry day at work when I checked out our one random vending machine (seriously, we get stuff I don't see anywhere else but also kinda don't trust at all).
    Our vending machine also sells pop, so it's refrigerated, which means when I tried to bite into the Oh Henry cookie, it didn't work. I think the nougat solidified into a very hard mass, but the cookie was tough too. I actually quite enjoyed working through it - it made it more satisfying from a hunger perspective (really chewy nougat, really crunchy cookie).
    I normally don't eat much chocolate but I finished both pieces myself, and promptly went back and bough the other bar in the machine for my dude. He just messaged me saying he really likes it. I'll have to get more and put them in the fridge - they remind me of freezing Rolos (which my dude introduced me to years ago) which also make them chewy and way more satisfying than soft ones.
    I recommend you give these a shot - cold!