05 April 2014

Food Thoughtz Review: These Nachos

Recently an avid reader and huge fan of Food Thoughtz asked whether I would review the take-out nachos that he was currently eating. I myself did not try the nachos and he was disappointed with them, claiming they were soggy.

When I do write a proper post on nachos, I will have nothing but good things to say because they are delicious and one of my favourite foods.
 After seeing this picture, it should be pretty obvious to any seasoned reader why I didn't eat these nachos. But aside from my personal distaste for leafy greens and whatever this salsa/water-tomato-chunk hybrid that red stuff is, there are a few other reasons why these nachos were a mistake.

1. You can never get nachos as take-out food because they have to be consumed almost immediately upon coming out of the oven. Of course they're best when hot, but most importantly, the cheese has to be freshly melted. There's nothing worse than melted cheese gone cold because it becomes almost like a whole new rubbery substance and it is disgusting. It also looks like these nachos either weren't baked long enough in the oven (some of the cheese should be a golden brown), or worse yet, that they weren't baked in an oven at all but were cooked in a microwave (which I think probably also contributes to the sogginess, although I'm not sure how because I have no idea how a microwave works).

2. If you have to have your nachos with toppings other than plain cheddar cheese (or, ideally Kraft Tex-Mex, although that is so expensive that I can't imagine a person in a financially stable enough position to afford it)--and I would advise that you don't--then you definitely can't get take-out nachos because of course they will only get soggier the longer they sit. That said, it was really irresponsible for the restaurant in question to put such moist tomato/salsa on the chips before baking them. Diced tomatoes that have retained some semblance of form, green onions, green peppers, black olives, jalapeno peppers--fine. I wouldn't eat that, but I can understand why someone would because nachos with those toppings smell friggin' delicious when they come out. But the key is that while all of these toppings have a fairly high water percentage, all of them are solid enough to not totally ruin the chips.

3. Is this salsa? Because this isn't what salsa should look like to me--partly if not mainly because salsa should always be served on the side.

4. These chips look like they might have been oily.

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