02 October 2012


Remember how in The Edible Woman Marian isn’t able to eat anything because all the food is alive and squirming around and it makes her sick? Well, that’s how I would feel if I would ever put myself in the position in which quinoa was a viable option for me (of course I would never punish myself like that. We must learn to love and nurture ourselves). I’m just waiting for someone to make a haggis-style quinoa dish that, when you slice into the stomach, quinoa bursts forth like the clumps of tiny flesh-eating maggots squirming around that I know it to be.

Here is some quinoa. The picture on the left was taken with a regular camera; the picture on the right was taken with a
super-duper microscope.

Look at this quinoa. What do you see?
A simple pseudo-cereal
Or writhing maggots on a binging spree?
The Bolivians ate it first? That's immaterial.
Maybe they produce it, but it's ours to take--
It's a process called "the Culinary Imperial"
Now they can't afford it? Then let them eat cake!

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