29 September 2012

The Shallot

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a shallot as:
  1. a small bulb which resembles an onion and is used for pickling or as a substitute for onion.
  2. the plant which produces shallots, each mature bulb producing a cluster of smaller bulbs.
A pathetic attempt at an onion.
I know because I looked it up. Because I had no idea what a shallot was. The OED also offered this helpful spelling (t)ip: “Spell shallot with a double l.” Anyway, I’ll make this short since the shallot holds no interest for me. Onions are plentiful, so I would never feel the need to find a substitute. To address the second and more admirable point that the Oxford English Dictionary brings up: while I have no need for shallots, I am quite fond of bulbs.

In conclusion, the shallot is redundant and unnecessary.

On either side the river lie
Long fields of barley and of rye,
My tum lets out a gentle sigh:
A tender inkling for a pie.
But, perhaps, on second thought
There is no time to make the dough
No need for pie, therefore forego
Devoid of food, but full of woe--
Alas! There's only the Shalott*
*Tennyson evidently did not receive the OED's memo.

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