12 February 2015

Food Thoughtz Zine

Attention everyone. The semester I enrolled in a De/Construction of the Book workshop, and every part of it was amazing. The final project was to create our own book and present it to the class. It goes without saying that I made a zine of Food Thoughtz poems.

Here's the cover. I made it with letter stamps, and now I need my very own
set of letter stamps.

From the outside looking in. In hindsight, maybe having "Auschwitz"
appear on the very first page was a bit of a mistake.
I really struggled with not making the zine look really bland. So Matthew
Zambri, an up-and-coming graphic designer from Toronto,
drew this grapefruit cross-section for me.
But I did these little burgs myself.
And also these tomatoes.
Here is the colophon.

It goes without saying that this zine is amazing, and you wouldn't know it to look at it, but a surprising amount of work went into this. I typed all of the poems up on the typewriter in the Archives, then I cut out nearly every individual line and pasted it onto a template. The template was also surprisingly difficult to design in order to ensure that everything would follow in its proper order and would be the right way up. What I learned throughout this process is that zine making is not entirely unlike Gutenberg-era printing (for those of you who do not know, Gutenberg invented the printing press).

If anyone would like to get their hands on this zine, tough luck because the original template sheets will be on display in Robarts Library throughout the summer and it is unlikely that I will ever see them again.

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  1. Love the idea of this zine. (I've been thinking in doing, in english, a do-you-candy-at-home zine... I now need some free time to do it, hehehe). Attach link of the Robarts Library with the scans if you remember on summer. ;)