09 December 2014

Campbell's Everyday Gourmet Roasted Potato & Spring Leek

One thing I'm certain of in this crazy world is that I really like packaged soups (in limited flavours, it goes without saying). I really love those dry Knorr soups (in minestrone, broccoli, or potato-leek) and I also really like the Campbell's Garden Minestrone. Campbell's used to have a condensed minestrone, but they seem to have gotten rid of it. I also really liked those cartons of soup that Campbell's put out. They came in broccoli and potato & leek, and I think that maybe they were "Gardennay," which presumably is a division of Campbell's. Anyway, they were always really good, but also pretty expensive, so I would just wait until they went on sale. Even on sale they were pretty expensive, but they were also a lot better than the other soup options, so I would go for it.

Recently I have noticed that Campbell's changed their packaging for these soups. Now they're "Campbell's Everyday Gourmet" instead of "Gardennay." They're a lot brighter and modern, and part of me thinks they might be Andy Warhol-inspired. But the packaging works. Their line-up of carton soups looks appealing and hip.

This picture took me a really long time to make and didn't come out nearly as well as I had hoped for.

So I picked up a box of their Roasted Potato & Spring Leek, assuming it would be the exact same soup as before. But it isn't. I don't like it. And I think that what I don't like about it is the "gourmet" aspect. It takes like a bunch of Campbell's execs in charge of the soup division (I don't know if there are any other divisions at Campbell's) talking about how they need to make this soup more appealing, and that something that appeals to people is the word "gourmet," and that adding too much pepper to something is a way that one can achieve that "gourmet-taste." This soup literally just tastes like pepper.

But it also has a not very nice texture to it. Like, every once in a while you come across a chunk and you can't be certain if it's a piece of potato peel or a piece of leek or some stray piece of garbage that made it into the batch ... until you get it in your mouth and realize it's actually just a clump of pepper.

I am honestly getting so fed up with Campbell's these days. They're also gluten-free. I will not buy this soup again.

My hunger did I try to allay
With Campbell's Everyday Gourmet.
Dressed up pepper-garbage in a Warhol design
Unfortunately this soup is not suitable to dine. 
Stop screwing around, Campbell's, and bring back Gardennay!


  1. thanks for the info, I was going to try to use the leek soup as a base for a 'shrimp' soup, won't bother now (Campbell's used to make a Cream of Shrimp).
    'They' have fugged-up the C of C 'Wild Mushroom' soup which I Really liked, changing the ingredients so there's no longer a Wild Mushroom but a 'Cream of Cremini & Shiitake Mushroom'; has the color of dog's vomit or dog's diarrhea, has the consistency of wallpaper paste, can't describe the taste except to say it was Ugly, and there was an unpleasant aftertaste some time after my tasting had ended and I'd thrown 90% of the mixture down the sink.
    I phoned the Campbell's Canada 800 # and gave the poor girl who answered an earful, and said I wanted a refund of the $1.79 - on sale, rejected coupons and waiting for a cheque.
    Was it an executive at Coca-Cola or another who said:
    "what idiot thought the taste of Coke needed to be changed ?" - or words to that effect.
    Cheers, Wallace.

    1. You yelled at someone for a refund of $1.79?

      You must live a sad life.