02 September 2014

Orville Redenbacher Movie Theatre Popcorn in a Bag

Today I tried some Orville Redenbacher movie theatre-style popcorn in a bag. It was not very good. A few good things to know about me going into this post are that 1) I love movie theatre popcorn. It is delicious and I don't eat it nearly enough, partly because I never go to the movie theatre and partly because when I do, the popcorn is usually about $17. 2) I actually really love popcorn that comes in bags, even though I never think that I do and rarely buy it; I typically need someone else to encourage me to buy it. I especially love SmartPop White Cheddar popcorn in a bag.

Here is this gross popcorn. The photo on the left shows the bag in the garbage where it should justly be. The photo on
the right shows the contents of the bag, which will likely also be in the garbage soon.

Given these two facts, I was fairly certain I would like this Orville Redenbacher movie theatre-style popcorn. But I did not. It is too salty and doesn't taste anything like movie theatre popcorn and it doesn't come with a little pouch of oily-butter to pour all over it. It is a really disappointing purchase. It doesn't even come with a free movie theatre ticket, which I sort of thought it would seeing as nearly every box of Cheerios cereal does, and presumably Philip Morris (sorry, Altria) owns both Cheerios and Orville Redenbacher and Cineplex-Odeon. This seems like a really great opportunity for cross-marketing. Although, on the other hand, I bought it for $1 in a Loblaws discount bin.

I had such high hopes for this pre-packaged movie theatre-style popcorn
But its disgusting qualities have left me utterly forlorn!

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  1. You might be interested in the following generous popcorn offer from our father (for a rather ill-fated trip to the Starlight Drive-In, in Enderby): "Do you want me to make a huge bag of popcorn to take to the movie? We can microwave it dry (then add melted butter if you want), or else use the popcorn maker that uses oil on the bottom, cooked over the stove top (need Judy to help with that, and she will be back from kayaking before 6), which gives it a movie theatre flavor." Maybe you could ask him to send you a huge bag for a Food Thoughtz review.